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Return To School Plan

School started on August 13th, 2020. All classes began remotely until September 8, 2020.

PURPOSE: The health and safety of our students, staff, and community is our highest priority, and Premier High School - Pflugerville is closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19. We are following the guidance provided by the Texas Department of State and Health Services (DSHS), the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Travis County Health Department, and the Texas Education Agency. All students are expected to adhere to the following guidelines.

The district’s foundational beliefs state that schools control all the variables that influence student success. Furthermore, the task of schools is to alter the learning environment to provide conditions for success. Additionally, we believe educators should equip and empower families to help support their children and ensure their success in school and life.

Protecting the health and safety of all students and staff is the top priority.

Return to School:

1) All students will need their parent/guardian to submit the Travel Disclosure Form to their campus a week before they are scheduled to report to school.

2) Pre-screening using the Parent Square App: Students’ will complete the COVID-19 Screening form before entering the classroom area (limited once per week).

3) Staggered times: Prior to the first day of summer school, students will be assigned an arrival time that will need to be adhered to diligently. Each student will enter the building one at a time.

4) Temperature taking procedures: The CD will take each student’s temperature at arrival time at the designated station with a touch thermometer. Students will maintain six feet of social distancing until they are called to the area.

5) Hand Sanitizing: Students will be required to sanitize their hands when they arrive in the morning or afternoon, when they enter the classroom, and when they return back from the bathroom.

6) Social Distancing in the building: All students will maintain social distancing (6 ft. apart) while on campus. Each carrel a student will be using will have the student placard visible for everyone to see.

Concept of Operations: PHS-Pflugerville will continue to monitor the severity of the pandemic and acknowledges that this plan may be modified as public health changes. This plan is divided into two sections: Instructional Plan and Operations/Safety Plan 

Instructional Plan     

Premier High School - Pflugerville values our families and has designed three options to provide high-quality education to its students during this challenging time. Parents will be asked to commit to one of the three options below two weeks prior to the start of school. If during the course of the school year, a family opts to change their selection, we kindly ask the request be put in writing. The school will only make these changes at 6-week intervals.

Instruction will commence on Thursday,  August 13, 2020, and conclude on Wednesday, May 26, 2021. The district will provide the following instructional models to our parents:

100%  Face to Face Instruction: The teacher and the student meet physically in a set place or set time, for either one-on-one learning or in group classroom lessons with social distancing measures in place, as well as health and safety measures.  Students will use the BrightThinker curriculum either on paper or the online version during both direct instruction and independent self-paced instruction.

Hybrid Instruction*: is an intentionally designed mix of in-person learning and remote learning.  This model is a great option because students benefit from in-person instruction in addition to at-home learning. Students attend school on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday blocks and take part in 4 hours of remote/home learning on days when not in the building for attendance. Asynchronous Learning is an approach where teachers and students are not online at the same time. The teacher provides learning resources and tasks so students can access the content anytime in a given day to earn attendance. Students will be required to check-in with their teachers daily. They will work on the same curriculum, BrightThinker.

*Please note, remote learning supports both in the Hybrid and 100% Remote (below) options will take place during our normal working hours (Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm). Students are welcome to continue to work outside of these hours but may not have a teacher readily available for questions or coursework resets. Teachers will have weekly check-ins with parents to discuss student progress.

100% Remote Learning: occurs when the learner and instructor, or source of information, are separated by time and distance and therefore won’t meet in a traditional physical classroom setting. Teachers will be available to assist with the BrightThinker curriculum via virtual lessons,   one-on-one tutorials, etc. Teachers will help students track weekly progress and check-in with parents on a regular basis. Parents are encouraged to monitor their student’s well-being and report any concerns to campus staff.

CTE Courses: Our campus currently offers the following Career and Technology course: TRIO Electric at Premier HS North Austin. The following course requires students to participate in-person 2 days a week and at the assigned time. Students who enroll in this course will have to sign a commitment to attending in person prior to enrolling.

○      For example year 2 students would attend morning sessions on Wed/Thur and year 1 students would attend afternoon sessions on Wed/Thur.

Transitions in Event of School Closure - Students participating in In-House or Hybrid models will be encouraged to utilize the online BrightThinker curriculum. Students who opt for paper BrightThinker units will be asked to take them home on a daily basis in case there is an unforeseen school closure.  In the event the school needs to close, the campus will designate specific days and times to return finished paper units and retrieve new ones.

All staff will be trained on Asynchronous/Remote learning plans, supports, and best practices before the start of school and on-going throughout the school year.

All students will be trained in our Genius system, accessing BrightThinker via Genius, and Google Suite including Google Classroom systems. These will be vital in tracking student progress in a full Asynchronous Remote model.


Our district has chosen the Asynchronous option for collecting average daily attendance. This means students will be counted present for the academic work they complete in a given school day. School days are counted based on our 2020-2021 campus calendar.

Premier High School - Pflugerville will uphold the state's 90% attendance policy when participating this school year. Students will be given a 4-hour schedule to follow regardless of what instructional model they choose. While additional schoolwork can be completed outside of this schedule it is important to establish routines.

As noted above, Premier High School - Pflugerville is invested in creating high-quality education for all students. Based on parent choice, the campus will do its best to allocate resources to support student learning. Allocation of resources will include a commitment from students and parents that they will do their best to maintain 90% attendance throughout the school year.

In compliance with the Travis County Health Authority Order, Premier High School - Pflugerville will utilize the first 15 school days for virtual instruction. From Aug. 13, the first day of school all students will be remote to transition students into the instructional model chosen on Parent Square.   Students choosing 100% remote asynchronous will be asked to work with their assigned teacher to determine the best 4-hour schedule for them. Students in the Hybrid model or 100% Face-to-Face model may also be asked to attend fewer days during this transition period. Any families needing their student(s) to attend Face-to-Face 100% of the time during this transition are asked to contact the Campus Director to make the needed arrangements.

Premier High School -Pflugerville will track attendance and engagement for students in the different instructional delivery models through our SIS, Genius, and LMS, BrightThinker. For students who choose the option of working on paper units, they are still required to take the Unit Test online. Weekly reviews of remote work will be done in order to determine if any additional arrangements are needed to best support the students. Parent-Teacher Conferences can be scheduled both in person and virtually to address student concerns.

Additional engagement can come in the form of daily check-ins between student and teacher. These daily check-ins are required and will include tasks such as goal setting and review(s), academic supports, and Capturing Kids Hearts activities.


Premier High School - Pflugerville will utilize our BrightThinker curriculum. The curriculum is accessible both online and in paper format. In addition to our BrightThinker curriculum, the school will utilize the following programs to support student needs: Edmentum (electives courses including CTE), NoRedInk, targeted reading instruction, access to Content Specialists, DMAC, Globe Ferron, FEV Tutor, Edgenuity E2020, and modified curriculum as identified in a student’s IEP.

All curriculum is TEKS aligned and will guide students in achieving specific educational goals and objectives. The curriculum process will have clear and specific behavioral and observable outcomes. Teachers are expected to meet with students on a weekly basis to establish goals for the week. Daily check-ins will then be utilized to ensure academic progress is being met.

All students will have access to support for College, Career, and Military Readiness planning. The school will utilize our District Regional Counselor, Amanda Marlin, Naviance, and the PHSPaths website to plan and support all our students' needs.

Note: Curriculum will be used for both traditional and at-home remote asynchronous instruction.

Grading Policies:

PHS is a “mastery-based”, personalized program. Our curriculum BrightThinker is available online and in paper units. Units contain lessons, quizzes, and practice tests that are scored to check for student understanding. Students complete one unit at a time and must show mastery by taking a unit test at the completion of the unit. Students must pass the unit test with a minimum of a 70 to demonstrate mastery. Students who do not attain mastery on their first attempt will have an opportunity for individualized remediation prior to retesting. There are 10 units for each credit in every subject. Credit attainment will automatically transfer to students’ transcripts.

Health and Safety Protocols:

Premier High School- Pflugerville will adhere to the guidance, directives, and recommendations from the Travis County Health Department.

Screening - Any essential stakeholder visiting the campus or attending classes will be required to complete a Health Screening (see below). Premier High School - Pflugerville asks parents to ensure their students are healthy and keep students experiencing any illness at home. Anyone accessing the school building will adhere to temperature checks. Anyone who fails the screening is asked to quarantine for 14 days. Additionally, the campus reserves the right to determine which campus visitors or visits are essential and need to be on campus.

Wearing face masks - Any essential stakeholder visiting the campus or attending classes will be required to have face coverings at all times while in the building.

Social Distancing - Premier High School- Pflugerville will place seats 6 feet apart, installing floor markings to illustrate social/physical distancing. Removing extra chairs and tables/desks not expected to be used in Learning Centers, offices, & pullout rooms.

Cleaning/Disinfecting - Hygiene practices such as hand washing and or sanitizing will be taught during the first week of school. The use of these personal sanitizing techniques will be used during key times each day. The campus will ensure that students and staff with sensitive skin reactions to hand sanitizer can use soap and water.  As necessary, desks will be sanitized with Clorox wipes. Student use of the restrooms will be closely supervised to avoid gatherings.  Restrooms will be regularly disinfected by staff members.  High touch areas will be disinfected throughout the day by staff. Hand sanitizers will be made available throughout the building.

Beginning / Ending the School Day:

Premier High School - Pflugerville has developed a daily screening routine for all students, employees, and visitors before they enter the premises. Staggering arrival and dismissal times to minimize crowding. Whenever possible, student pick-up and drop-off should occur outside, utilizing visual cues, signage, and barriers to direct traffic flow and demonstrate social distancing, considering dividing entry points rather than funneling all students through the same entry, and have staff monitor arrival and dismissal to curtail congregating and ensure students go straight from vehicle to their classroom, and vice versa. Providing frequent reminders for students and staff to stay at least 6  feet apart from one another when feasible.

 PHS COVID-19 Student Procedures and Protocols

Step 1: Student is exhibiting symptoms, has come into close contact with a person who is a lab-

confirmed to have COVID-19 or is diagnosed with COVID-19 through the PCR COVID- 19 test.

Step 2a: If the student is at home: the student must notify the campus principal and nurse. The

Students will not be able to report to school or enter any district building or facility until cleared by the school nurse.

Step 2b: If the student is at school: students must immediately separate themselves from their

peers, notify their teacher, the teacher must send the students to the designated isolation room, the nurse will notify the parent to pick up students from school and contact their medical provider.

Step 3: If a student’s health permits it and if assignments can be done remotely, students will

be allowed to complete class assignments remotely from home.

Step 4: If the student is diagnosed with COVID-19 through PCR test:

• The student or parent/guardian will complete the COVID-19 Student Report Form and submit it to the campus nurse.

• The campus principal will initiate contact tracing protocols. They will contact any student and employee that came into close contact (within six feet for 15 minutes) with the student.

• The custodial department will initiate disinfection protocols.

Step 5: Once cleared by the school nurse, the student returns to school and follows the COVID- 19 protocol.

Child Nutrition Services

The Premier H.S. of Pflugerville CNS Department will continue to feed the PHS community following CDC, TDA, and USDA guidelines. Due to COVID-19, the LJPHS CNS Department has made the necessary changes to efficiently serve our community. These are examples of operational adjustments in the area of School Meals.

Premier High School - Pflugerville currently only serves a breakfast program. Students attending in person can pick up their Grab and Go meal when arriving. All students will eat meals at their assigned desk. Students participating in virtual/remote learning can be provided via a grab and go style on a weekly basis. The plan will allow for a one day or two-day distribution of meals per week similar to what is currently being done.